Whether Bootsy is shooting a CEO, NFL player, a fashion model, or a musician, she and her camera become the energy of human connection. Devoted to empowering her subjects, she frees them to trust her, revealing their essence, from the image to the viewer.

Her career as an artist started as youthful obsession with fabrics and fashion, leading to a degree in textile design. From that journey, she gained three things: a devotion to craft, a deep understanding of style, and respect for the power of beauty. She picked up photography early, using the images as part of her craft work. She quickly progressed to portraiture, gaining major professional momentum shooting musician and bands in Seattle’s music scene of the 1990s.

In working with a huge variety of people—relatively few of them professional models—she learned how to help anyone be themselves in front of the camera. Focusing on the spirit of people, things, and moments, she gained a reputation for being able to communicate the intangible. That has led directly to her work with some of the most interesting personalities and brands. Today, based in Los Angeles, she works in the advertising, editorial, and fine art markets, expanding her offerings into art direction and video. Whether classic, sexy, quirky, or raw, each work continues her quest to capture and magnify the beauty of the human spirit.