Friday, April 30, 2010

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photo of the Month - March

Pink Camper
16x16 print

edition of 5
$200 + s/h
contact me if you are interested.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Photo of the Month - holiday two

"The Couch & The Tree"
This first image has such a great mysterious feeling to it. I shot this up on Phinney Ridge in an apartment that had just been abandon by an 85 year old mother and her daughter. The building was being torn down and they were asked to leave. A favorite image of mine.
edition of 10
13 x 19" photo luster paper - 11 x 17" Giclée image size - $150
"The Boy & The Boat"
Another favorite is this shot off Gorée Island, a ferry ride from Dakar, Senegal.
The island is popular with tourists, especially African-Americans
because of the symbolic status it has assumed as a place where
African slaves were shipped off to the Americas.
edition of 10
13 x 13" photo luster paper - 10 x 10" Giclée image size -$150

If you are interested they are shipping this week and next.
Ten dollar shipping and handling fee.
I will invoice you through PayPal.

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Frances and her letters

I went with my mother in law and her friend Susan to visit her sister in law, are you following this. Anyway Frances was an editor for a regional magazine in LA for many years and also worked with F. Scott Fitzgerald. The movie "Last Call" with Jeremy Irons as Fitzgerald had Francis visiting the set and helping with keeping the story real. We had tea and talked with Francis for about an hour. She was very gracious in letting me take a few images of her and her home. She is 93 and has a great spirit about her.

I really like this as a diptych of Francis and Letters.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Photos from our trip to Antigua, an island in the Caribbean. I spent a week with my friend Aubbie and her sister Genieva at Aubbie's dad's Villa in Jolly Harbour. Then week two Seth showed up. We went for a few days to a fancy hotel called the Carlisle Bay. Photos at the link are; playing pool at the Watch Dog, and Seth and taking a little Johnny dog into get a look at with a vet. We or I thought the little dog was a stray down at Dark Wood beach but it turned she had an owner. Clyde who owns the bar on the beach at Dark Wood. When we came back with Johnny girl from the vet he had somehow acquired another little dog. A female which is good because so is Johnny and they don't need more unwanted animals on that island. Also Aubbie and I went swimming with the stingrays which was really cool.

to see more go to this link -

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Friday, October 30, 2009


The Disciplines came through LA the other day and I did a few photos with them. This is Ken Stringfellow's new band now that he is over living in Paris. We shot in Culver City, LA.
KS: vocals - Bjorn: guitar - Bård: bass - Ralla: drums
Below a few of my favorite shots I did for them.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Portrait of Luis' Father

We went down to Tijuana Mexico to our friend Luis' parents home for his birthday. Here is a portrait I shot of his father.